jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010


So in my last post I had the information and the picture BUT NO RECIPE!!!!!, so here´s the way to make the awesome cocktail I showed you in the last post:


Tropical Fruit Pucker                                                   2oz.
Vodka                                                                         1oz.
Pommegranade juice                                                  1.5oz.
Heavy syrup                                                                .5oz.
Hibiscus                                                                  1 piece.


So just pour the pommegranade juice in a tumbler glass with ice, then the heavy syrup, then the vodka and the tropical fruit pucker (do it carefully in order to keep the colors separated) finally garnish with the hibiscus :)

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  1. pon las fotos mas grandes artur
    cuándo nos preparas unos de tus artistiics drinks?