jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Giving it another try...

OK so yesterday I made my first try blogging and it appears it wasn´t an EPIC FAIL, but, I decided to change the language of my blog to make it a bit more international since I saw there were a few people from the US and Alaska who were interested : ) so farewell spanish and bienvenido english.
Today I´ll show you what this blog it´s really about, today I´m giving the whole enchilada, pictures, recepies, art pieces, but first a bit more background on what this proyect it´s about. I beggan appreciating art at a very young age, my father and his family (as I mentioned on my past note) are plastic artist, I on the other hand had always a  big calling in the culinary world (I began cooking when I was 6 yrs old) so it was very natural to me to try and bring this two wolds together (if you really think about it cooking it´s an art).
OK that was all really pretty and touching but let´s get down to business ; ) I´ll give one of my very own recipies free of charge!!!!!!!!! (they are really good) with a picture of the finished product and the art piece it was representing.

this painting it´s call ¨Ausencia¨ (Absens) by mexican artist Damián de la Rosa, I made a cocktail to go with it, enjoy!!!!

So here´s the art piece wich I think it´s great.

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