lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Back 2 basics

OK so this weekend I didn´t post anything because I was busy doing my thesis (I think I finally finish it) but I had alot of time to think about what I wanted to say next and that´s the basis for the marriage betwen food and art.
It might come easier for people who had wine tasting experience to understand this, but the basis for the culinary marriage with something else is the things they have in common, in this case i focus on the color, texture and flavor. To me it´s easier to make a recipe if I know where the artist comes from, then i research a little about recipes from the same place and cooking techniques, this really brings things together. So that´s it for today, I gave you tha basis, now comment please!!!!!

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010


So in my last post I had the information and the picture BUT NO RECIPE!!!!!, so here´s the way to make the awesome cocktail I showed you in the last post:


Tropical Fruit Pucker                                                   2oz.
Vodka                                                                         1oz.
Pommegranade juice                                                  1.5oz.
Heavy syrup                                                                .5oz.
Hibiscus                                                                  1 piece.


So just pour the pommegranade juice in a tumbler glass with ice, then the heavy syrup, then the vodka and the tropical fruit pucker (do it carefully in order to keep the colors separated) finally garnish with the hibiscus :)

Giving it another try...

OK so yesterday I made my first try blogging and it appears it wasn´t an EPIC FAIL, but, I decided to change the language of my blog to make it a bit more international since I saw there were a few people from the US and Alaska who were interested : ) so farewell spanish and bienvenido english.
Today I´ll show you what this blog it´s really about, today I´m giving the whole enchilada, pictures, recepies, art pieces, but first a bit more background on what this proyect it´s about. I beggan appreciating art at a very young age, my father and his family (as I mentioned on my past note) are plastic artist, I on the other hand had always a  big calling in the culinary world (I began cooking when I was 6 yrs old) so it was very natural to me to try and bring this two wolds together (if you really think about it cooking it´s an art).
OK that was all really pretty and touching but let´s get down to business ; ) I´ll give one of my very own recipies free of charge!!!!!!!!! (they are really good) with a picture of the finished product and the art piece it was representing.

this painting it´s call ¨Ausencia¨ (Absens) by mexican artist Damián de la Rosa, I made a cocktail to go with it, enjoy!!!!

So here´s the art piece wich I think it´s great.

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

Primera prueba.

Bueno, como ya saben este blog está dedicado a relacionar el arte con la gastronomía, para mí esta unión siempre fue muy natural, ya que, mi papá y su lado de la familia está lleno de artistas y mi pasión es el cocinar.
Lo que planeo mostrar en este blog es como hacer alianzas culinarias con el arte, en futuras notas incluiré recetas  hechas por mi, las cuales he realizado con base en una larga investigación, con fotografías de mis platillos.